Repousse Chasing Hammer 28mm Face

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Chasing Hammer Repouse Ball-Peen/ Ball-Pein Jewellery Making Tools 28mm Face Chasing Hammer Slightly Convex and Ball-Peen/ Ball-Pein Hammer Easy to use compact Wood Pistol Grip

Handle.Light Weight 150 Grams
Hammer Total Length is 26.5cm
Head-1 Size: 2.8cm (28mm) slightly convex,

smooth face for wide striking chasing tools or planishing metal Head-2 Round-End Size: 1.4cm (14mm) for peening and riveting Forge Tempered and Mirror Polished Heads Highly tempered Carbon steel hardened for a longer life Use to flatten and harden wire or other metal pieces

Do not use this hammer for stamping the back of the shanks will mar your hammer.

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